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Be Heard!


Here are some ways you can be actively involved in the Mind the Gap! campaign for economic justice.

Pick one or more -- as you many as you can! By doing so, you are telling the world that you stand for justice!

Please sign our petition to President Obama, calling for a White House Summit on the wealth gap. We delivered the petition with the first round of signatures to the White House in July, and we want to make a return visit with more signatures.

We believe the growing wealth gap is a crisis that needs White House attention.

DONATE to the campaign. This is an investment in economic justice!

Click here to donate to our lobbying on this issue.

Click here to donate to our educating others on this issue.

Write a Letter to the Editor about wealth disparity!

Here are some tips on how to get it published.

Participate in Fighting Poverty With Faith

 during October and November.

More information

Tell at least five people about this campaign (use this flyer to help) -- and encourage them to join!

Use NETWORK's Mind the Gap! Workshop to educate others about the wealth gap

Remember to SIGN ON to the campaign!

This is the best way to receive up-to-date information about the issue.

“Like” us / write on our Facebook wall to spread the word to your friends! And follow us on Twitter!

Follow our Mind the Gap! blog -- and be sure to add your comments!

Questions or Comments?

Be sure to tell us what you're doing to encourage others to Mind the Gap! Contact us at