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We the Taxpayers: An Interfaith Conversation on How We Share Our Nation's Wealth

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Catholic Sisters have joined with interfaith leaders to say: “it is time to frame the budget debate in terms of moral choices that are understandable to the American people.” Weaving together our commitment to justice with the tools of interactive, multimedia education, NETWORK's new tax curriculum We the Taxpayers will empower you to transform your community's conversations about how we can shape public budgets to reflect our values. 

We can create a Faithful Budget that includes reasonable revenue for the responsible programs and services that serve the common good.  Poverty and inequality are on the rise, and many elected officials claim we don’t have enough money to create the communities we want -- communities with good education, dignified healthcare, and clean, safe places to live, work, play, and pray. In truth, all we need is public support for a strong enough tax base to build those things together. Our choices about the way we use and move money can bring us closer to God's intentions for abundance, or drive fragments of our nation farther apart. 

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Watch the introductory We the Taxpayers video below.