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Asset Building Lesson 2: A Brief History

The slides will advance themselves on a timer, but you can use the controls at the bottom to pause, skip ahead, or repeat something. Make sure to wait when the slide titled “Ray Boshara, Senior Fellow at the New America Foundation” appears to hear him talk about asset-building.


“We’ve established that low-income people can save. We’ve established that when low-income people save, it not only changes their wallets, but it changes their heads. They think differently about their future and about their kids’ futures.”

In this lesson, you will learn about the history of asset building, particularly the momentum it has gained in the past two decades. You’ll hear Ray Boshara (Senior Fellow at the New America Foundation) highlight the most critical points in the asset-building field, discuss where asset-building programs are headed, and detail a few  policy options (lifting asset limits, the Saver’s Bonus, and the ASPIRE Act).