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Housing Lesson 2: Equitable Access

The slides will advance themselves on a timer, but you can use the controls at the bottom to pause, skip ahead, or repeat something. Make sure to wait when the slide titled “Case Study: Building Stable Communities” appears to hear about a New Jersey community’s efforts to fight foreclosure.


“This is the greatest, fastest-moving, downward pressure I’ve ever seen. The sub-prime foreclosure crisis, the economic downturn, and the lack of mortgage money have begun to unravel neighborhoods.”

In this lesson, you will learn about federal, state, and local policy strategies to create a just system for homeownership. You’ll hear about the Responsible Homeowners Refinancing Act of 2012—a national effort to allow more homeowners to qualify for refinancing—and the California Homeowner Bill of Rights—a series of bills designed to protect California consumers and communities. Finally, you’ll watch a video from NeighborWorks America on three organizations in Essex County, NJ, that are working together to fight foreclosure and stabilize their community.