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11 Things the Richest US Households Can Buy That You Can't

Jul 12, 2011 | By Page May

From United for a Fair Economy-

The 400 wealthiest families in the U.S. aren’t just filthy rich, they are downright dirty. Collectively, these households own $1.37 trillion dollars; a number so high that it’s nearly impossible to comprehend. Here are 11 shocking things $1.37 trillion can buy that you can’t:

  • The richest 400 families alone could replace 70% of all money lost in the Great Recession, for everyone! How much money did you, your parents, or grandparents lose in the Great Recession of 2008? 30%, 50% of your portfolio? Not only do the rich still have enough money to fund their wildest dreams, but they can also fund your retirements.
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    400 richest families

    Yes, the statistics are mind-boggling. But I can see our right wing friends immediately jumping on the "that's socialism" bandwagon. They can turn those statistics against us by claiming that we are advocating that the rich give to the poor in these exact ways. Nonsense, of course. But these days the general public is easily frightened, very gullible and looking for simple slogans and answers. Will they take the time to make the inferences that these statistics are meant to show? I hope so but I have my doubts.

    What absolutely takes me back

    What absolutely takes me back is the pledge that some Representatives in The House have made to never agree to raise taxes. Do they not trust their own intelligence to listen to other opinions and new information?

    Why must those who can afford

    Why must those who can afford to give and help the most
    are the ones who take the most, demand the most and by
    percentages give the least and we still see our President
    Protecting their interests over the good of America and
    and all its people.

    Economic Justice

    We in the USA have become a plutocracy instead of the democracy we are meant to be. As a result, a large percentage of our citizens are desperate for the basics of life while the wealthiest 400 households remind us of Jesus' parable about wealthy Dives and his disregard for the poor Lazarus.

    400 richest families

    Wow this is great way to really show us average people what the differenc is...thanks for the resource I will share with our parish! Keep up the great work!

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