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All about taxes! Three new resources!

Jul 11, 2011 | By Page May

Here at NETWORK, we’ve been talking a lot about taxes lately: why are they important, where does our nation stand in terms of tax policy, and what are we advocating for? It’s a confusing, number-heavy, and sometimes dry subject but, without a doubt, it is an essential conversation to be having!

What does this conversation have to do with the Mind the Gap! campaign? Read this piece on Taxes and Wealth to learn more!

But if you’re like me, tax jargon can be a bit confusing. So we thought we'd share this Glossary of Terms.

And finally, the Center for American Progress created a fantastic resource this past June. Please take a look at this timely, smart, and helpful publication: Ten Charts that Prove the United States Is a Low-Tax Country. 

We’d love it if you looked over these three resources and added your thoughts in the comments! What are you unanswered questions? What would you add?

1. Taxes and Wealth 

2. Tax Glossary

3. CAP: Ten Charts that Prove the U.S. is a Low-Tax Country


Graphs on tax rates in U.S. and other countries

Could this information be sent to all members of the House of Representatives? My computer skills are very limited or I would do it.

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