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Letters to the Editor

Aug 11, 2011 | By Mary Georgevich

"Workers' Wages Chasing Corporate Profits," "American Millinoaires: 1,400 Paid No US Income Taxes in 2009," "Making More, Contributing Less" - in the past few weeks, wealth dispaity has made it into some big headlines. It is headlines like these that open the door for your comments and perspectives to be shared in the media in a letter to the editor. This is a great way to help spread the word about the campaign and educate about the wealth gap. Writing letters to local and diocesan papers (as opposed to national newspapers) will increase your chances of getting it published, and will help you reach people in your community.

We've compiled instructions and useful letter-writing tips here and talking points to use in a Mind the Gap! letter to the editor can be found here.

The letter at the top was published by a Mind the Gap! supporter. Thanks, Rose Mary, and all of you who are starting conversations about the wealth gap in your area. Let us know how your conversations are going by leaving a comment here, or sending an email to 


Wealth and the disappearing Middle Class

For some 40 plus years, the middle class has been slowely disappearing and the pace picked up to a fever pitch during the past 10 years, accelerated under George Bush with two unfunded wars and a Medicare Part D program he never bothered to pay for. This situation is damn serious but the Republican Party/Tea Party still refuses to recognize the dire situation as its leaders insist on more and more cuts of vital programs which hamper all efforts to stop the bleeding. Taxes must be raised especially on those who have benefited while the rest of us have suffered. Millions have lost their job, their home and are now living on food stamps if they are lucky enough to qualify to receive them. We must insist congress get off their aases and address in a meaningful way our hurting economy else we the middle class will soon be rated from low "standard" to very "poor". And we will be mad as hell as we head for the ballot box in November 2012.

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