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Fact Sheet: Catholic Social Teaching and the Wealth Gap

Aug 03, 2011 | By Mary Georgevich

In the body of documents that make up Catholic Social Teaching, Catholic leaders have discussed many of the themes and issues we have been exploring in the Mind the Gap! campaign.

This fact sheet includes quotations from some of those documents on themes such as taxes, the racial wealth gap and unions. The documents included are from both the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, Pope Benedict XVI and past popes. Together, they describe a hope for a better world, with greater equality, peace and justice for everyone.

For more information on Catholic Social Teaching, see this blog post.


The Teachings of the Church

The values expressed in these teachings are in great danger of being lost in our wonderful country. When I read them I have hope but when I look at what is really happening I get very concerned. It seems the economy, without the influence of these values, is holding us hostage and indeed, undermining the quality of our life. I think that the "security" we long for will not come through the "separation" we promote in our society but rather from our acting with a common goal--the well-of the community/population. We can no longer follow the philosophy of "personal independence" that prescribes that each person "pull him/herself by the bootstrap" since so many do not have boots (personal power?).
We need to work so that everyone has what is needed to live a life free of fear and that can happen only when fear is replaced by love--for ourselves and for one another. The basic law taught by the wise ones who came before us (not only a christian teaching) is so simple. I wish all who read this an abundance of love--to enjoy and share.

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