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New Resource: The Racial and Ethnic Wealth Gap

Jun 15, 2011 | By Page May

Did you know…

that in 2009, the median net worth of black households was $2,200-- the lowest ever recorded. Meanwhile, the median white household’s net worth was $97,900!

Read this and other shocking facts with this new resource!

Then leave us a comment! What surprises you most?

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The Racial and Ethnic Wealth Gap

The gap does not surprise me because even though it seems that we are more tolerant than in the 1960s, the gains we made are offset because of the economy and immigration. When I was in high school, there almost no blacks in management positions. Also, Hispanics wer in low paying jobs. When I retired a few years ago, there were blacks and hispanics with really good jobs. Still we have not done enough. I hear horrible remarks from some friends and relatives regarding Hispanics and other minorities. One was going to boycott products from Mexico. We do have a black president and that is an accomplishment. We have to fix the gap.

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