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This is Not Class Warfare!

Jun 01, 2011 | By Page May

The Mind the Gap! campaign is born out of our belief that wealth inequality reduces everyone’s quality of life, divides our communities, and threatens our democracy—In other words, this issue affects everyone negatively!

The movement for economic justice is led by low-income and middle-class Americans whose wages have stagnated, whose debts have increased, and for whom public services have been in decline (e.g., education, infrastructure, safety net programs, etc.). Additionally, the movement is led by wealthy individuals who recognize their role in both the problem and its solution. Programs such as Responsible Wealth and Resource Generation bring wealthy individuals together to learn about, organize for, and fund change:

Over the last 30 years, we have disproportionately benefited from economic policy. We feel it’s time to rebalance the economy so that it works for everyone — not just the wealthy. Our country is facing unprecedented economic challenges right now: We all need to pay our fair share to resolve these issues and make long overdue investments in education, health, energy and infrastructure.

-From Wealth for the Common Good

Members of Responsible Wealth recognize that their own prosperity and success would not be possible without the foundation of a strong public education system, an effective transportation network, a strong legal system and more. RW members are bound by their commitment to supporting the public investments from which they have greatly benefited.

-From Responsible Wealth


It will take everyone, of all economic backgrounds, to reform the systems and institutions that have led to the enormous disparity currently plaguing our nation. Reforms would benefit everyone, not just the top 10% or bottom 90%: A stronger democracy, a fairer economy, and a healthier environment are things that everyone needs today.

Want to learn more about ways wealth is being used for economic justice? Click on any of the following organizations to read more:

Resource Generation

Responsible Wealth

Wealth for the Common Good

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