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Talking to the Rich About Wealth Disparity

Dec 02, 2011 | By Matthew Shuster

We all understand intuitively why people with the least amount of wealth should be upset by huge and growing disparity in the United States, but what about that 1%? Or the 0.1%?

Whether you’re scraping by on minimum wage or running a Fortune 500 company, the extreme disparity that exists in the United States is working against you. Quality-of-life indicators like physical health, mental health, education, rates of imprisonment, and trust and community life reflect that everyone does better in more equal societies. Policies that have benefitted individuals at the top of the wealth spectrum – rather than the common good – have weakened our democracy and the infrastructure of the United States. 

Check out our latest resource - Talking to the Wealthy About Inequality - for some ideas on how to start this conversation!


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