Occupy Wall Street

The Vatican and Occupy Wall Street Agree on a Just Economy

Nov 10, 2011 | By Shannon Hughes

In the Center for American Progress's blog, Jake Paysour examines the shared priorities of the #Occupy, or OWS, movement and the note released by the vatican late in October. He notes the moral nature of our economic crisis, writing:

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Faces of Occupy DC

Oct 26, 2011 | By Eric Gibble

Occupy Wall Street began with a few hundred people protesting the greed of Wall Street in Zuccotti Park in New York City. It grew into a movement of tens of thousands of people across the globe. The 99% made their voices heard on every continent, including Antarctica. Some mocked the Occupy protesters. Others believed the movement would fade quickly. However, the reality is the underlying concerns driving the movement will not fade away.

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