Catholic Social Teaching

Clamor for Justice/Clamor por la Justicia

This 120-page publication in English and Spanish brings Catholic Social Teaching to life through articles and reflection questions. For use by groups or individuals. $10 Read more

Just Advocacy Week: Students in Solidarity

What is Just Advocacy Week?

Just Advocacy Week is an intensive, 5-day economic justice and advocacy training grounded in Catholic Social Tradition (CST). Just Advocacy Week is an experience for progressive, college-aged Catholic social justice leaders who want to spark change in their communities. 

Fact Sheet: Catholic Social Teaching and the Wealth Gap

Aug 03, 2011 | By Mary Georgevich

In the body of documents that make up Catholic Social Teaching, Catholic leaders have discussed many of the themes and issues we have been exploring in the Mind the Gap! campaign.

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Reflections on Advocacy

A set of eleven 8 1/2" x 11" color charts, each with a social justice quote and image, that are meant to inspire civic participation. Read more

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