Economic Justice

Sister Simone Campbell Speaks to Congress about Poverty

On July 31, Sister Simone Campbell testified about poverty before the House Budget Committee, chaired by Representative Paul Ryan. Read more

Toolkit: Nuns on The Bus for Medicaid Expansion

NETWORK invites all nuns, and we are all nuns, to form teams of activists for Medicaid expansion in your state. Read more

We MUST Confront the Wealth Gap!

It is time to both "Mind" and "Mend" the wealth gap in our country! Read more

Economic Justice

Our Catholic faith teaches us that because people were created in the image of God, each person has an inherent and unalienable dignity. This further means that each person has a right to the conditions for living a decent life, including nourishment and a safe place in which to raise a family. The conditions for living a decent life come from a strong economy, an economy that not only generates enough resources for all, but which makes adequate resources available to all.

The Pope and Politics: Messaging Francis's Hope and Justice

Pope Francis calls for more politicians genuinely disturbed by the state of society, the state of the poor.Tuesday, March 25, NETWORK briefed Congress about how Pope Francis's message relates to U.S. politics.

Celebrate #TaxpayerPride Day on April 15th

Whether you're getting a tax refund or paying a tax bill this year, everyone who participates in our tax system should be aware of the good that tax dollars do. By pooling our resources through taxes, We the People can create a more perfect union. Check out our collection of photos with their captions on our Flickr page, or just flip through the images below.

2014: NETWORK's Year of Living Out Joy of the Gospel

At NETWORK, Pope Francis has touched our hearts and influenced our work. In 2014, NETWORK invites you to join us in reflecting on the pope's words and living out his first papal exhortation Evangelii Gaudium (Joy of the Gospel).


Join NETWORK for a teach-in on faith, taxes, and the common good

Join NETWORK for a teach-in on taxes. You'll be the first to access NETWORK's newest curriculum We the Taxpayers and NETWORK staff will equip you to use it in your community. Read more

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